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A team of experts

Consulting, une équipe d'experts

Our experts support you while using the climate indicators produced by our R&D team, in particular the Urban Climate IndeX (UCIX). They are at your side to put the results obtained into perspective and to ensure that decisions are made to react effectively to the climate risks identified.

Our “consulting” activity is part of a precise exploitation of our climate assessments, whether for the realization of a climate plan, a local urban plan, an audit of real estate or financial assets at risk, a resilience audit…

Moreover, in a complex regulatory context, our skills and data in the field of climate risk assessment at the urban micro-scale allow us to intervene in the field of sustainable design, environmental certification and responsible finance.

We complement all the experts working on ESG requirements which are influenced by physical urban climatic situations.

to climate change

Identifying future climate risks on a daily basis at the urban micro-scale requires us to consider our activity as one of the major links in the field of adaptation. Indeed, we need to have an extremely precise vision of the nature and the frequency of the risks to contemplate sustainable & resilient solutions that allow us to adapt to climate change in a solid and reasonable manner.

It’s within this framework that our experts are now able to go beyond climate assessment and recommend solutions in direct line with the risks they study. We are working particularly on recommendations associated with soil demineralization, vegetation, urbanization regulation...

Our adaptation offers are created by field studies from our "client" and "partner" experiences. We work on the three approaches of adaptation to climate change: green adaptation, grey adaptation and slow adaptation.


Economic analysis
Value At Risk

Analyses économiques Value At Risk

As part of our R&D program, we are working on the economic issues associated with climate risks.

Reinforced by teams from the insurance and financial rating sectors, we are setting up a VAR (Value At Risk) based on the probability of a climatic event occurring that could degrade the market value of a real estate asset and worsen the financial situation of a public authority

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