Our clients

Our clients


Our solutions for local organizations & governments

  • Detailed mapping of exposures to climate risks (UHI, floods…) for a city and underlining the districts under higher risks.

  • Simulating the impacts of future urban development projects on the local climate.

  • Scientific contribution to the implementation of climate & local urban plans.


Cities developers,
real-estate groups and
real-estate developpers


Our solutions for city’s developers, real-estate groups, circulation experts (bridges, beltways…)

  • Assessing future climatic hazards in urban areas (soil drought, extreme heat, flood…).

  • Simulating the upcoming impacts from new construction on the local climate.

  • Optimizing the Research & Development in terms of new techniques and materials to be used in the climate change context.

Real-estate asset manager,
banks and insurances

Our solutions are also for companies in charge of managing real-estate, bankers, insurers, re-insurers, ISR and ESG.

  • Anticipating the exposures to climate risks for real-estate asset anywhere in the world for the upcoming 10 years.

  • Selecting the highest risks among the given exposures.

  • Projecting year by year the risk for the upcoming 10 years, with ranking levels.

  • Consolidating the respect of norms & the compliance audit.