Our mission

Our cities are at the heart of
the climate economy

Cities represent 3% of the world’s surface and release more than 66% of greenhouse gases (GHG). They are at the heart of the global and climate economies, they are affected by climate change but also contribute to it.

At THE CLIMATE COMPANY, we are committed to accelerating the ability of cities to adapt to climate change and contribute to the preservation of infrastructure and all public and private real estate assets that make up urban areas.

Uncover the Copernicus program witch allows to get data and analytical models feeding the indicises of Tthe Climate Company.
Laurent Husson, Co-Fondateur et Président de The Climate Company

To achieve these goals, we developed scientific & technological solutions that enable all city stakeholders, whether from the public or private sectors to anticipate exposure to climate risks on a small scale, in short and medium terms, and to assess the intensity and frequency of associated risks and to simulate the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.

At THE CLIMATE COMPANY, we mobilize ourselves to put our scientific expertise, our acute knowledge of climate dynamics, aerospace observation technologies and statistical analysis at the service of the resilience of cities to climate variability and change which apply to many sectors

Laurent Husson,
Co-founder and President

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