TCC indicators, notations & simulations

The climate risks exposure index

Urban Climate IndeX, l’indice d’exposition aux risques climatiques physiques

Based on data analyses issued from satellite Earth observation programs such as COPERNICUS, proprietary algorithms and unique statistical methods, the UCIX is an index that allows to evaluate the exposure to climate risks of a city, at neighborhood or building levels. The UCIX is automatically calculated from a simple address or GPS points anywhere in the world.

This index is an easy-to-use and a climate benchmark that takes into account the exponential changes in climatic and extra-climatic conditions. It can be used in many public and private sectors, from architecture to urban planning, from real estate to finance & from construction to insurer and 

MY CLIMATE is a virtual secured platform makes available all the climate results and assessments calculated by The Climate Company, including the UCIX. A collaborative, agile platform that facilitates the regular updating of the information that our scientific and technical teams make available; It includes figures and reports associated with the calculation of the UCIX as well as the extrapolation of the most severe physical climate risks.

The CLIMATE can thus be accessible at any time by using a simple connection and a LOGIN from the membership the the network created by The Climate Company.

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The building resilience
for climate change

Building Resilience indeX, résilience des immeubles aux aléas climatiques

The BRIX allows to estimate the resilience of a building/asset to climate change. It is calculated in a quasi-automatic way thanks to the coupling between spatial imagery and artificial intelligence. BRIX contributes to the audit of a real estate asset whose exposure to climatic risks is proven.

BRIX allows to better prepare the audit missions for construction experts whose vocation is to elaborate a consolidation program to adapt with upcoming climatic hazards.

Resilience audit

Due to the methods developed for the design and implementation of BRIX, our teams are now able to produce, within the framework of specific support, a complete resilience audit of a real estate asset or a portfolio of real estate assets, taking into account the specific climate issues.

URBAN SIMULATION can be used for urban planning and the design of large-scale real estate programs to test the climatic impact of a given project in an urban area. The modelling capabilities make it possible to consider different scenarios and test the roles of physical variables. The latter allows to select the best climate performance in terms of adaptation to future risks, public health and comfort.

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