TCC with its partner Bechu & Associates at the BIOMIM Expo for the third year in a row

TCC attended Biomim Expo taking place a the ” Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie”  last October (25-26)  a special event where new solutions are being presented in order to improve ways and means to adapt to climate change.

Laurent Husson, President of TCC was in the plenary session animated by , Clemence Bechu, Director in charge of developping new adaptative techniques from the Architect agency  Bechu & Associés, also member of TCC devoted to the future  all around the world.

It is recalled that urban areas repesent only 3 % of the earth but more than  68 %  of GHG emissions émissions and thus are the first victims of the global pollution contributing to climate change. Thus adapting cities to the evolving climate becomes a pre-requisite since they encompass more than half of the world population.