Strategic committee
and associated experts

Yves-Tourre, Co-Fondateur et Directeur Scientifique de The Climate Company

Yves M. Tourre

Professor, President

Co-Founder of the The Climate Company
French Expert of Climate Dynamics
Retired Divisionary Engineer from the French Meteorological Services
Former Senior Scientist at Columbia University Former director of Training and Education at the IRI (International Research Institute)

Senior civil servant, French, Graduated from the French Ecole Nationale d’Adminsitration (ENA)
Former president of the French Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME)
Expert on Environmental issues and Sustainable Development
Former Cabinet Director of a) Ministries of Ecology (Nicolas Hulot) and b) Ecological Transition and Solidarity (Michel Barnier)
President of the Committee Investment Socially Responsible (ISR label)

Michèle Pappalardo, Conseillère stratégique de The Climate Company

Michèle Pappalardo


Luca Bertacchi, Architecte italien

Luca Bertacchi


Architect & Urbaniste, Italian
Associated with the Bechu Architectural Agency Professor on Urbanism and City Planner, Sorbonne University, Paris

Ambassador and Partner of The Climate Company
CEO of the Urban and Architectural Agency Bechu & Partners, Clémence organizes projects and develops strategies with pioneering work on urban sustainable development, ariculating key actions with partners such as Foundation Palladio, and sustainable Labels such as BBCA among others. Beside of that, she personnaly collaborates at a scientific and strategic levels with start-ups involved within the rising climate economy.

Clémence Bechu, Directrice associée, de l’innovation et du développement de l’agence d’architecture Bechu & Associés

Clémence Bechu

Associée & ambassadrice de The Climate Company

Michael Mann, Climatologue et géophysicien américain

Michael Mann


Climatologist and Geophysician
American Director of the Earth System Science Center of the State University of Pennsylvania, USA

Senior Scientist and Hydrologist, Indo-American
Director of the Columbia Water Center (CWC), New York, USA

Upmanu Lall, Ingénieur et chercheur hydrologue indo-américain

Upmanu Lall


Strategic Committee organized and supervised by

Laurent Husson, Co-Fondateur et Président de The Climate Company

Laurent Husson

Co-Founder of The Climate Company
Expert on Promoting and Marketing Satellite Applications.
Former Executive Director of the multinational AON Company (Aerospatial Sector)

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