TCC as a member of “World Alliance Solar Impulse Foundation”

Clémence Bechu , Camille GAUTIER , Roman Yassinski, and the entire TCC team are happy to become member of the World Alliance from the Solar Impulse Foundation ! Thx to  Bertrand Piccard for his advices and and supporting us during the award   Prix Bulle Cardin 2022 and during COP 27. Thanx also to  Alain Renaudin for his inconditionel support since the birth of  Biomimexpo !

We are all convinced of what collective action can lead to , along with innovative ideas so we can adapt our projects to minimize the impacts of  climate variability and change over cities.

In that vein TCC is going to present a new program in research and developemnt: – DEEPCITY – This is to continue to explore the gaps between technologies and observation of climate on an urban micro-scale

Pretty soon we will present the gain from a program consisting of planting trees in and around cities. The latter is to diminish the heat-islands effects along with the regulatory resilience techniques.


We will be in Paris  soon to show our latest results and implementation. We are continuing our work the Bechu et Associés Columbia University Bouygues Construction PITCH IMMO Petites villes de demain ADEME AEW JPMorgan Chase & Co. SOGEPROM Linkcity Esri