The conglomerate Cannes-Pays de Lerins, a prime territory to apply TCC solutions

David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes and President of the Conglomerate Cannes -Pays de Lerins along with Laurent Husson, President of TCC, announced on March 25th at the MIPIM 2023 the settings of a collaboration which will make Cannes as a pilot territory in terms of using techniques to anticipate climate risks on a micro-scale and developed by TCC.
Numerous elected people including the participation of the delegate Minister for cities and lodging  Mr. Olivier Klein were present at the Cannes real-estate exdisplay at the center of the world largest real-estate meeting.

At the sides of David Lisnard and Olivier Klein we had  Françoise BRUNETEAUX, adjunct mayor of Cannes dealing with Climate and Environment, Clémence Bechu, Ambassador of TCC, Camille GAUTIER, General Director  and Roman Yassinski, adjunct scientific director.